"Oh, yes. I knew I was weird by the time I was four. I knew I wasn't like other boys. I knew I was more fearful. I didn't like the rough and tumble most boys were into. I knew I was a sissy." - Robert Crumb

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Kelly Brook - An icon for women, men and sissies

According to a recent academic study, women think Kelly Brook has the best body shape to have. The same study also found that men desired the same kind of frame but with bigger boobs. I've long been obsessed with Kelly Brook but that obsession has changed from wanting to sleep with her to wanting to be like her. As I've become more and more of a cock sucking sissy faggot, I've gone from wanting to get into her knickers to wanting to go to New Look and buy some of her panties from her lingerie collection. She's a true sissy role model and men, women and sissies all love her.


  1. She is breastfection and stunningly beautiful. I am going to grab some hair extensions so i can pretend to be her.

  2. I would just love to wear Her panties & blow her boyfriend's Sissy Jackie

  3. Yes, very pretty as well as wanting or needing rather bigger tits for myself n so love the makeup n those lips:)

    Very nice girlfriend as well as love the top