"Oh, yes. I knew I was weird by the time I was four. I knew I wasn't like other boys. I knew I was more fearful. I didn't like the rough and tumble most boys were into. I knew I was a sissy." - Robert Crumb

Monday, 27 June 2011

A Confirmed Sissy Faggot Cocksucker

It was only a matter of time until I found myself on my fishnet clad knees with a cock in my mouth. I've been chatting online and on the phone with a local TV Mistress and agreed to meet her last weekend for discipline, humiliation and fun. I arrived at her house just after 1.30pm on Saturday and slipped in through the front door trying not to draw the attention of the woman opposite who was washing her car. Mistress Angela was fully dressed in a tight satin black pencil skirt, white blouse with realistic "balloons" in her bra and stockings and suspenders, a black wig and full make-up. After greeting me, she sat down and I knelt before her and put her zip up black leather ankle boots on her feet as instructed. She gave me a bra with some balloons to put in it as I didn't have one in my bag and luckily it was a good fit.

I was left to dress and carefully unpacked my things from my bag. I'd brought my pink and white Alice in Wonderland sissy dress, fishnets, 5" white heels, latex panties, wig and make-up and a large clip-on red flower to go with the wig. I got changed and did my make-up and joined Mistress in the kitchen. She offered me a glass of red wine which I sipped while she introduced her collection of whips, canes and belts to me with helpful demonstrations of the sounds and movements each made. I'd never been spanked with anything other than an ex-girlfriend's hand before so it was agreed that we'd start off with just a selection of belts to take it from there.

We'd both been chatting to a local lad called Wardy and Mistress had asked if I had any objections to him joining us when I phoned her a few hours previously. I was eager for him to join us not least because he'd already shown me several pics of his magnificent cock. Wardy was invited and I followed Mistress upstairs to her attic to get acquainted before he arrived. The attic contained a large bed ideal for what was to take place.

Wardy arrived just after we went up and Mistress went down to let him in as I sat on the bed. I was ordered to stand up and away from the bed while Mistress sat down in my place. Wardy took a seat in the chair opposite the bed and Mistress ordered me to lay across her lap. Mistress pulled up my petticoats and pulled down my latex panties and stroking and spanking my arse. I was enjoying it even though it was fairly mild. I then had to stand up and bend over the bed while she spanked me more. Wardy was ordered to take out his cock and wank it. He was clearly a bit nervous but so was I so it didn't really matter. Mistress progressed from her hands to the different belts and as she moved up through the belts the pain of the different belts increased until the fourth belt made me flinch with every hit. The juxtaposition of pain and pleasure was incredible and the endorphin rush was like nothing I'd experienced before.

Having disciplined me, Mistress lubed up my arse to fuck me but even with plenty of lube I was still too tight so she pushed me onto the bed, turned me onto my back and began playing with my cock before sucking it until it was rock hard. She then went over to Wardy and did the same to him as he sat in the chair. I was then made to bend over the bed again while Mistress tongued my arse and then fingered me. Wardy then also fingered me and I've never been more turned on in my life before. I thought I was going to cum from his probing. Mistress then had me belt her arse as she sometimes likes to be spanked as a reminder of how it feels. I was surprised that I enjoyed doing this given my very submissive nature. Perhaps it's something I could develop.

I then had to do the same probing to Mistress before my favourite part of the session. With Mistress on her back, I pulled her panties off to reveal her cock. It was only about 5" but was thick and tasty looking. I can't describe the hunger that welled up inside of me as I looked at that cock. I've never craved something so badly before and loved the fact that I could fit the whole thing in my mouth all the way down to the base. I sucked and licked and kissed and worshipped her smooth cock and balls and loved every minute. Mistress told me I was very good at it and that sissies are much better at it that real girls. She then had Wardy suck her before having me suck him too. His tool must be at least 7" and despite my best attempts I couldn't get it all the way down. I still worshipped it just like Mistress's and spent quite a bit of time sucking on his big balls. I used to love girls sucking on my balls when they were giving me a blowjob. Now I'd rather be doing the sucking. What an utter homo I am now.

After more playing, we wrapped up with Mistress swallowing Wardy's cum, me being made to wank until I cam over myself and then Mistress shot her load all over me too. The feeling of her hot, sticky cum running down my right leg was brilliant.

After we cleaned ourselves up, Wardy left and Mistress and myself got changed back into our vanilla clothes. I spent a little while sat in her kitchen talking to her about what we'd done and things in general while drinking coffee. I normally drink tea but thought it only polite to drink her expensive coffee when offered it. It was good coffee and I enjoyed our chat. We may not be able to meet up again for a while though Wardy is eager to see me again on account of me being "really good at sucking cock - I was so turned on." Mistress is keen to see me again though she doesn't get to dress as often as she'd like due to several reasons.

There you have it. I'm a confirmed cock sucker now. I love pleasuring dick and balls and being anally stimulated. I now know that I do really enjoy BDSM though the amount of BDSM porn I watch was a bit of a give away anyway. In short, the destruction of my male self as a sexually entity is almost complete and I really am I Sissy Faggot Cock Sucker now. Hope you're happy now dear readers after all the encouragement you continue to give me! x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

A big thanks to a cool reader.

I've been corresponding with a fan of my blog called Mika. Like me, Mika is a big fan of the idea of Jennifer Garner as a tranny/shemale. As Mika put it:

"I've been [a fan] about 10 years. I first saw her in Alias and I was like WOW when I saw her. Broad shoulders, narrow hips, small breasts, toned arms, strong jawline.... perfect. She seems to be very nice and down to earth person too. When I became her fan and saw that there were people who thought she looked like a tranny I actually started getting interested of trannies too. Jennifer was the bridge for me to start liking trannies too."

Below are a selection of photoshopped pictures by Mika and I'm grateful for receiving them.