"Oh, yes. I knew I was weird by the time I was four. I knew I wasn't like other boys. I knew I was more fearful. I didn't like the rough and tumble most boys were into. I knew I was a sissy." - Robert Crumb

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Anal Princess

I had another meet yesterday with the nice guy with the leg fetish. It was wonderful and he deflowered me this time.

He picked me up in his car and we went back to his flat after stopping to buy some more stockings and tights for me to wear. His leg fetish is as strong as my cock fetish and being a tall, leggy sissy, I really turn him on.

Once we got there, I got dressed and he came up behind me and started stroking my legs and ass. He had me parade around a bit then grabbed me and made me touch his cock. He ordered me to start sucking him so I did. He then ordered me to put on loads of lipstick so I put on an excessive amount. He had me kiss his cock leaving big red lip marks all over it and I also sucked his balls. He said my mouth is amazing and every guy I've ever sucked off has said the same. Its clear what my main talent these days is! We kissed and he made me change into stockings and suspenders instead of the tights I was wearing. He fastened the tops for me and made me sit in a chair with my legs crossed sexily. I was made to rub his cock against the stockings and talk dirty to him...

I sucked him a bit more and we ended up on his sofa. He climbed on top of me and embraced me and then pulled my panties down after removing my skirt. He took his cock and rubbed it against me then lubed my already wet hole.

I wrapped my legs around him which made it easier for him to enter me. I was still wearing the black, calf length heeled boots he'd bought me to prance around in. Once he was in I eventually got used to it but it hurt at first. He fucked me gently at first but built up until he was pounding my ass hard. I made very girly noises while he banged my sissy ass. I had my arms around him too and the heat of his body turned me on. He eventually came and the sudden feeling of his hot seed was a shock at first but I felt a sense of pride and arousal as well. We cuddled on the sofa for while and I felt blissful.

I kept his semen inside me for a couple of hours until I got home and cleaned myself out. Of course, even after that there was still some of him in me and that turned me on immensely. Before I left, I posed for a number of photos for him and he paid me the ultimate compliment when he smiled and said "you look like a woman." When I'm with a man I feel like a woman and I think that mentally and emotionally I'm female now. I'm a totally gay anal princess now and I love it