"Oh, yes. I knew I was weird by the time I was four. I knew I wasn't like other boys. I knew I was more fearful. I didn't like the rough and tumble most boys were into. I knew I was a sissy." - Robert Crumb

Monday, 26 July 2010

Stop trying to fight it and give in. Just look at how hard your little clitty is getting looking at this faggotry.

I'd love to be this girl's bitch. My boi pussy is craving the pain already.

Like many sissy faggots, I've tried to fight my desires and pretend that I'm still a "normal" heterosexual guy. I've managed to go long periods with out dressing but eventually something triggers it again and I'm soon mincing around in skirts and high high heels. It's been relatively easy to stop dressing when I've had a girlfriend but much, much harder when I haven't had one. This leads me to believe that I dress because I crave the comfort of femininity in my life. If I have a girlfriend I don't want to dress. If I don't have one then dressing makes me feel better and gives me a similar kind of buzz to when I'm kissing and cuddling with a real girl. Dressing makes me feel happy and safe which I guess is down to being brought up mainly by my mother as my father worked away a lot. Which seems to be a common factor for many trannies.

My desire to suck cock is less easily explained. I guess its down to being very submissive and what could be more submissive than totally relinquishing my masculinity by dressing up as a slutty sissy girl and worshipping another man's cock. All I know is this is who I am and the bulge in my panties would suggest I love being a sissy faggot cock sucker.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

A brief history of Claire.

I started cross-dressing when I was 12. There was a teacher at school who, while not even remotely good looking, had fantastic legs which she always had incased in nylons and heels. I spent rather a lot of time looking at them and getting excited and wondering what they would feel like to touch. It eventually dawned on me that my mother also wore tights and so I could just borrow a pair of hers and feel them. They felt great but what did they feel like to wear? Even better. I progressed from there to trying on her bra and panties and dresses and loved the excitement of it.

It didn't last long though as I was growing rapidly and already much taller than her. I never got caught and don't know if she suspected but I had to stop for fear of ripping her clothes while trying to squeeze into them.

I started again in my late teens as I could buy my own tights and did it on and off for a few years. It wasn't until 3 years ago that I started to dress properly. I found myself looking at sissies and shemales online constantly and then I started chatting to Ms Holly, a dominant TV, on Myspace who encouraged me to express my feminine side and it snow balled from there. I bought a wig, some clothes and make-up as she sought to feminize me and turn me into the sissy bitch I craved to be. She got me to buy a dildo and a butt plug and practice daily with both and made me remove my body hair. Then she made me buy gay porn mags and masturbate over them while pleasuring my hole with the dildo. Pretty soon my brain was rewired to associate arousal with faggotry and she made me join several sites to post pictures of myself and turn me into an even bigger sissy faggot.

I listen to feminization hypnosis by the likes of Lady Lita and Isabella Valentine and love the fact that it's re-programming my subconscious and filling my head full of triggers to make me ever more girly. I also watch flash animations via sub-viewer which has a similar effect but more intense. I still find genetic girls sexually attractive but it's amazing how much I now crave cock. I'm just an ultra submissive fuckpuppet who drools over big tools and is happiest on her knees or back. Thank you Ms Holly. I love who I now am.

Claire xxx