"Oh, yes. I knew I was weird by the time I was four. I knew I wasn't like other boys. I knew I was more fearful. I didn't like the rough and tumble most boys were into. I knew I was a sissy." - Robert Crumb

Sunday, 20 November 2011

I get turned on by being called faggot.

I had intended to write something interesting and insightful here but as usual my cock got in the way. So let's cut to the chase...I loving dressing up as a woman and sleeping with men. I love sucking cock and taking it up my tight arse and being called a faggot or gay turns me on. I've been listening to hypnosis to prevent me from ever getting hard inside a woman again. I get off on humiliation and self destruction.


I now get aroused by girly bois, masculine women and everything in between. Please leave comments below telling me what you think of me. The more degrading the better...


  1. thank you , but all those links are premium only

  2. ugh....ewww. why pay to be a faggot. i like the way ive been watching. it doesnt cost me to become a prissy little bitch i wanna be.

  3. You are not a real man. You will never be a real man again. You will never - for the rest of your life - enjoy the feel of a soft, hot pussy around your pathetic cock. Your cock is disgusting.

    You are nothing but a sick faggot slut. Men and trannys will also be amused and disgusted by you. They will use you for their pleasure only - never mind yours.

    You will be condemned to a life of satisfying yourself. The only relief your sissy faggot cock will get is from your own hand. Get used to it.

    Now get down on your knees and show some appreciation ...


  4. You are, of course, correct Fluffurnutt and I'm actually proud of what I've done to myself and what I've become. I just want to be used like a piece of meat for the pleasure of others. I'm a sick faggot slut and I love it.

    1. Hi I love you site so much too. I have gone the same way as you and I love it. I was just on my pc looking at gay porn because girls just don't do it. I get so hard seeing a tranny with a guy in tighty whities or boxer briefs and I get excited. On the same page they had a pop up with a nude blonde girl playing with herself. I wasn't turned on t all by her.

  5. 5 of those links are free. The other 3 are premium. And yeah, I'm so committed to being a dick licking pansy that I've spent money on loads of files along side all the free ones. Which makes me even more of a disgusting, pathetic, mincing sissy. I've paid money to do this to myself - ha ha ha!

    1. How do I download these!? I'm on the edge and I want to become a full-time sissy! Please help me out! I'll send you pictures if you want! I'm actually really pretty :)

  6. You were straight but you decided to get a bit curious didn't you? How did it start?
    Tell us what was your first step?
    You didn't know it but you had just pushed yourself further down the rabbit hole. You were sliding down the slope from straight boy to cocksucker. I bet you told yourself "This can't happen to me its just a fantasy."
    But there was no escape faggot.
    You are a twink loving cross dressing cock craving heel wearing fucktoy faggot.
    But you could even stop there could you?
    You had to make THIS web site, you bitch.
    You had to spread your perversion and lure in curious straight guys and do the exact same thing to them.
    This site and others is making me crazy. I've been stroking as I type.
    I know what you went through because you are putting me through it to. I keep trying to stop but I can't. I can't I CAN"T!
    The Jennifer Garner stuff is DESTROYING me. I always loved her. sHE HS LONG BEEN MY FAVORITE FANTASY. But you took it to a whole new reality, you bitch. I was Googling images of her nude and that is how I found you. I was repulsed and turned off but yet I wanted more. NOW I want her to make me her bitch and sometimes I fantasize that I am her with a huge cock.
    You faggot, you have gotten to me. I when I see a girl or straight porn I am as much envious of her as wanting to fuck her.
    And I am addicted to my own cumm.
    This one and the ones with it are what finally trapped me, started to change me for real.
    I was staring at her and stroking and saying "no no no no" over and over. Then I stared at my white coated cock and palm and the urge hit me.My hand moved slowly towards my mouth and my lips parted and I was telling myself "Don't don't this is to far" but Jennifer HAD me. Her eyes locked on me that teasing knowing smile and her tight body huge cock and I opened my straight boy mouth as wide as I could and buried all four cum slick fingers into my mouth and sucked. Because of you, you FAGGOT.
    I was addicted now. When I came I aimed for my face and opened wide.
    After I licked it all up and then cleaned up and the thrill faded, I was ashamed and freaked out. I swore never again and that "it didn't count."
    A few hours later I was back here and doing it again and I can't stop. I keep going further down the rabbit hole.
    I realize now which of my friends are at least bi. I NEVER picked up on that before but now I can't deny it. I struggle to not get hard for them and often lose. The other day we were all watching a movie together and I sort of drifted off into a daze staring at one of our gay freinds across the room. My girlfriend poked me in the ribs and jokingly whispered "faggot" at me. I got ROCK HARD when she said that with her teasing grin. Pretty boys and shemales and cds and muscle guys get me hard I can't control it.
    Now I share your craving for humiliation, you bitch.
    Now my computer is filling up with gay faggot porn and I eat my cum and my room mate looks hot to me and Victoria Secret catalogs are a completely new experience. Straight porn is a new experience. I surf for dildos and anal toys. I don't buy any but it is a temptation. When my girlfriend blows me I stare at her mouth and eyes and pretty face and feel things I never felt before. Everything has CHANGED.
    You turned yourself into a slutty faggot and you are doing the same thing to ME.

  7. P.S In the above post I hope I do not come across as hateful. NOT how I intend it. I know what it is like to crave humiliation and said what I feel you are craving to hear.

  8. I'm like a sissy siren tempting you hot straight sailors with my enchanting blog until you're ship wrecked on my island of faggotry. Give in and join me. You know you want to.

  9. you are so right i cant stop comming here ! my little panty fetish has turned into full blown crossdressing my wifes best friend found me out and has me doing my own full makup now, im going out in public with her on shopping trips and every time i jerk she has me eating my own cumm. she says my next step is sucking off the UPS man !!

  10. I don't want to keep coming here, yet I always seem to. It's just mastrubation material but I wish I could go back to being able to wank over pictures of girls.

  11. I used to be like you Anonymous. I didn't want to keep going back to the sites I did but I kept doing it. That's the thrill isn't it? "It's just masturbation material. It won't work on me. It can't work on me." But you keep going back because wanking over pictures of girls no longer does it for you.

    Eventually even this stuff doesn't quite have the same effect it did so you seek out more and more fucked up stuff to regain the same pleasure. You're like a junkie who needs a stronger fix to get get the same high as before.

    This continues until you find yourself on your knees in a pink and white Alice in Wonderland sissy dress, fishnets, 5 inch heels, wig and a perfectly made-up face, sucking off a dominant tranny and getting the biggest sexual thrill of your life. Once you've finished that you crawl on all fours across the room to the young guy who's been sat wanking and watching you. You suck him dry too and even suck his balls as you used to like girls doing that to you. And you want to be a good girl for your man don't you?

    Keep coming here and you'll end up like me but deep down that's what you want. You'll go from whacking off over trannies to being one and you'll end up loving it. Give in to your desires and accept who you are. You'll be much happier for it. Then you'll start your own site and some other guy will get trapped in your silken sissy web and he'll end up like you...

  12. i came back, of course I would, and was touching myself the whole time I was reading your reply. Of course I want that, though I'll deny it as soon as I'm finished cumming. Thanks for painting such a sexy future out for me xx

    slave_2_u @ hotmail. co. uk - if you ever wanted to drop me a line :)

  13. I'm the guy who posted the long message on 20 November 2011 17:18 about how you and Jennifer Garner were pulling me into The Kingdom of Faggotdom. I kept trying to stop but couldn't.
    I mentioned the girl I've been dating started teasing me about the way I react around her gay friends. And that just makes it worse cause it feels good when she calls me faggot. She picked up on it to. I tried to hide my reactions but apparently I was not as subtle as I thought.
    I'm not sure if there is a term for what Lisa is, but she loves fags. Has a magna collection of yaoi and futas. Stuff like that.
    After posting here and reading your reply about The Siren of Faggot Island ( which would make a great porn movie ) I started to feel a compulsion to confess my secret urges to her.
    I told myself it was a horrible idea and I needed to stop this cheap thrill and "straighten up." Right now no one knew and if stop there would be no real life consequences.
    But all it took was lunch with her and one of her faggot friends and the urges were stronger than ever. I sat there squirming and throbbing for both of them.
    So that night it all just came out of me. I don't remember making the decision to tell her but it started happening on its own. At first I was stammering and being very clinical and downplaying it. I even said "I'm not really one of those guys. This is just a cheap thrill." But Lisa kept staring at me with this intensity and this amused little smile on her face. And the more I talked the more heated and X-rated my words got. I was like a man possessed. Finally she said "That's so funny that you think this is a SECRET."
    THAT shocked me and I felt a stab of panic.
    She grabbed my face in both hands and stared into my eyes like laser and said "This is not news to anyone but you. WE all knew this. Kevin spotted it even before I did. But once he pointed out you were turning bi, it was obvious."
    But this was not a problem for her. She was getting off on it.Every time I talk to her now or get an email or text she calls me her faggot. It feels so good when she does that.
    I'm not sure where this is heading but it is out of my control now. And in a strange way that feels good.
    For the sake of future posting, I'm going to call myself GirlEnvy.

  14. I've taken the same route as you. For a long time i sensed i was different. It wasn't until i discovered the hypno files that i became what i knew i was deep down...a worthless sissy faggot, good for nothing but pleasing real men. Thank you for this site and all the other faggots who know exactly what they are here for.

  15. im just like you! help me be a good girl?

  16. I love having sissy little faggots like you get on theres knees and worhship my big hard dick a night. I call them faggots and cock hungry whores while i cover them in cum

  17. I am so glad I found this blog and especially this post. I knew I was a sissy before I even knew what one was. The first time I got caught playing "dress up" was when I was about 7 years old. No amount of punishment could get me to stop so mommy finally gave up on me. I wore panties under my clothes all through high school and celebrated my 18th birthday at a bathhouse servicing real men. The only thing better than being called "faggot" is when I am dressed up and getting called bitch, cunt, whore, and slut. But my all time favorite trigger word, the one that makes me weak in the knees and gets my mouth watering is COCKSUCKER!

  18. "Little Miss Squidgy can't get hard, Little Miss Squidgy can't get hard, Little Miss Squidgy can't get hard..."

    This series is really strong and scary!

    Months ago I saw the one that says 'if you listen to this you will never be able to get hard for a woman again'
    I thought 'what kind of sick idiot would listen to that'
    Well guess what...?!

    I think with these files alone she is another potential Miss D
    (her blog is feminizationproject.blogspot.com)


  19. Once, at a pool party/ wet t shirt contest I met this babe who was how to put it- different from the others.Instead of slim with artificially
    pumped up titties and teased long blonde hair, she was big, bulky, a bit muscular yet jowly at the same time.Her darker hair was cut shorter and kind of slicked back.Her outfit consisted of a wife beater type a shirt which didn't fully cover her ample belly and a pair of not quite tighty whities, all of which were pretty much soaked through.The briefs displayed evidence of a curious bulge ss well.She was pretty much built solidly- tank like, and I liked what I saw.There was a certain masculine energy about her.She stood there with a hand on her broad hip and pointed a finger at me and then crooked it, saying "Yeah, you'll do.Get your ass over here."I shot a curious and quizzical glance her way."Now.Or are you a pussy?"I shook my head and began to approach her, at which time she seemed to lose patience and strode boldly up to me, put me in somewhat of a bearhug.Proceeding to grab some of the hair on the back of my head, she pulled it downward and came at my face with hersas if she's coming in for a kiss.Pressing our lips strongly together, she forcefully inserted her massive tongue deep into my mouth as if she were taking it over.And did she ever.The beginning! by Sissyfag Kendra